Halleluyah the Aroma in the wood

Haleluya The Aroma In The Wood

All Your Woodwork For Home, Garden Or Courtyard

Haleluya the Aroma in the Wood is a carpenter shop that specializes in planning and designing woodwork for home and environment, market all kinds of wooden pieces suitable for DIY jobs.

The proud inventors of the patented 'Supergula' product.

 Haleluya the aroma in the wood provides custom woodwork and strives to reach the client house for an exact quote that is compatible with the area and the environment conditions, applying professional vision that incorporates their own unique art form and style.

With the help of our finest workers of Haleluya, you can get professional advice based on many years of experience in the field of wood construction. We believe in providing good service and personal support throughout the process from the idea to the result and we will be happy to help you build or renovate the look of your house or the appearance of your yard so you can enjoy them for many years.

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Have You Ever Heard About The Supergula?

The Supergula is patented worldwide that was proudly developed by us!

The Supergula is practical and modular pergola for balcony or garden and defined as a green Sukkah (glatt kosher by the Gedoley Hatorah), it can be can enlarge, reduce and transport from place to place It is simple to assemble and dismantle and adapted for permanent use all year round.

Every year you can enjoy fantastic designed pergola and in Sukkot you will get fancy Sukkah according to the method of Chazon Ish (no metal connections).

הסופרגולה המקורית! הללויה הארומה שבעץ

Would You Like To DIY?

We will be happy to advise you about the most suitable materials to your woodwork. You can also read in the DIY manual. We have a warehouse located in Moshav Tlamim  in Lachish region, which import and market logs and quality materials and unique wood work & carpentry, according to a sketch, or by size to order.

You are welcome to visit our wood warehouse and see for yourself the selection of
wood in our possession.

Address: Moshav Tlamim, Lachish 050-3444882 (Shlom).


לקבלת מידע נוסף - השאירו פרטים ונצור עמכם קשר!

צוות הללויה הארומה שבעץ ישמח להעניק לכם שירות!

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